Min Favoritbok inom Företagande och Framgång


Min absoluta favoritbok inom framgång och företagande är en tidlös bok av P.T. Barnum och den skrevs i slutet av 1800-talet. Han var hjärnan bakom cirkusunderhållning, å denna bok gav mig flera lärdomar.

Bland annat att inte ha för många järn i elden där jag ändrar min plan och ser guld och gröna skogar överallt. Den tar även upp konsumtion på ett sanslöst tidlöst sätt. Tack vare teknikutveckling finns hela den korta men mycket lärorika boken att lyssna till på YouTube.


Citat från boken:

“It is the eyes of others and not our own eyes that ruin us. If all the world were blind except myself I should not care for fine clothes or furniture.” – Benjamin Franklin

“The foundation of success in life is good health. That is the substratum fortune. It is also the basis of happiness.”

“To make money requires a clear brain.”

“There is no class of people in the world to have such good memories as creditors.”

”How many have almost reached the goal of their ambition, but, losing faith in themselves, have relaxed their energies, and the golden prize has been lost forever.”

”Work at it, if necessary, early and late, in season and out of season, not leaving a stone unturned, and never deferring for a single hour that which can be done just as well now.”

”Idleness breeds bad habits, and clothes a man in rags.”

”A man buys his experience, and it is the best kind if not purchased at too dear a rate.”

”The possession of a perfect knowledge of your business is an absolute necessity in order to insure success.”

”You must exercise your caution in laying your plans, but be bold in carrying them out.”

”If a man adopts the proper methods to be successful, luck will not prevent him.”

”Go on in confidence, study the rules, and above all things, study human nature.”

”As a nation, Americans are too superficial – they are striving to get rich quickly, and do not generally do their business as substantially and thoroughly as they should, but whoever excels all others in his own line, if his habits are good and his integrity undoubted, cannot fail to secure abundant patronage, and the wealth that naturally follows. Let your motto then always be ”Excelsior,” for by living up to it there is no such word as fail.”

”Engage in one kind of business only, and stick to it faithfully until you succeed, or until your experience shows that you should abandon it. A constant hammering on one nail will generally drive it home at last, so that it can be clinched.”

”Men should be systematic in their business. ”

”Keep thoroughly posted in regard to the transactions of the world.”

”If a man has plenty of money, he ought to invest something in everything that appears to promise success, and that will probably benefit mankind; but let the sums thus invested be moderate in amount, and never let a man foolishly jeopardize a fortune that he has earned in a legitimate way, by investing it in things in which he has had no experience.”

”Those who deal with the public must be careful that their goods are valuable; that they are genuine, and will give satisfaction.”

”Advertising is like learning—a little is a dangerous thing! The reader of a newspaper does not see the first mention of an ordinary advertisement; the second insertion he sees, but does not read; the third insertion he reads; the fourth insertion, he looks at the price; the fifth insertion, he speaks of it to his wife; the sixth insertion, he is ready to purchase, and the seventh insertion, he purchases. So a man who advertises at all must keep it up until the public know who and what he is, and what his business is, or else the money invested in advertising is lost.”

”Politeness and civility are the best capital ever invested in business.”

”The man who gives the greatest amount of goods of a corresponding quality for the least sum (still reserving for himself a profit) will generally succeed best in the long run.”

”Say nothing about your profits, your hopes, your expectations, your intentions… If you are losing money, be specially cautious and not tell of it, or you will lose your reputation.”

”Preserve your integrity. It is more precious than diamonds or rubies.”

”The public very properly shun all whose integrity is doubted.”

”He that wants money, means, and content, is without three good friends.” – William Shakespeare


    • Vad roligt att du tyckte den var bra. Det är min absoluta favoritbok till inspiration och framgång. Den har sanslöst tidlösa råd och tips och skrevs om jag inte missminner runt 1880. Alltså 140 år tillbaka i tiden!


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